• Megan Johnson

2022 Make-Up Trends You Should Know About

Updated: Apr 25

Just as fashion can be trendy, so can make-up. This year, expect to see really glowy skin and high shimmer shadow. Matte lips- are making an exit. All according to one of my favorite makeup artists in the industry, Meg Valentine.

This absolutely makes sense as a photographer. One area we always want to focus on is the eyes. We want dimension here and our viewer to always focus in on that area- adding a high shimmer shadow will do just that. Of course, be sure to blend well and shape the shadow to enhance your eye shape. Adding lashes can really give your eyes a more wide-open look, which we tend to love... again, attracting the viewer to the eye area.

Glowy skin also indicates healthy skin... additionally, it tends to smooth wrinkles as light is reflected off the skin. Matte finishes absorb light. Too much matted powder will increase the look of fine wrinkles, so a light glow to the skin will also minimize this and give dimension to the portrait.

Just as make-up ads always have super shiny lips- we can expect to see more of this as well. This does, however, lend to a very high fashion look, especially if a bold color is chosen. I, myself, prefer a more natural lip color selection to not distract from the eyes. Just a note to think of if you are doing your make-up yourself.

My preferred make-up artist is Meg Valentine. Meg has been in the industry for 20 years. She is an expert at natural looking make-up, make-up for aging skin and has done brilliant work on various shades of skin for me as well.

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