• Megan Johnson

Fine Art Paper: How good is it? An experiment.

As a fine art photographer I value so much the paper I print on for clients and that I hang in my home. There are so many different tiers of professional and consumer labs... it all can be a bit daunting.

I've decided to run an experiment. Complete with control variables and ways to remove biases to determine how good heirloom paper really is. The experiment will involve placing prints in direct sunlight over the course of a year to see which has withstood the sun with the least amount of fading. I will be ordering from popular consumer labs and labs that are of professional quality. For controls, I'll be ordering the exact same image from each lab and I'll be covering half of each image with a solid piece of material to prevent any sun from reaching it. To remove any bias, the backs of images will be labeled with the lab name and I'll have my husband (who isn't running the experiment) place them randomly so I will not know which print is professional or consumer quality. We will then wait for 12 months of exposure and reveal the results. I will keep everyone updated on labs chosen, set up and progress throughout the year.

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