• Megan Johnson

Maternity Sessions: Why I love them

When I was 25 I moved to Guangzhou, China, with my newlywed husband. During our first few months there I met a woman down at the pool of our building with her two year old daughter. We were immediate best friends. I remember her trying for her second child. And, I remember when she took a positive pregnancy test... her eyes filled with tears of joy- as did mine for her excitement. Getting to witness her journey and the arrival of her son brought so much joy to my (at the time) childless life. I remember watching her daughter a handful of times and I was the person to make her son laugh for the first time (I will never forget those baby belly laughs). When she relocated to Italy, I was devastated. My husband knew this and got me a ticket to go see her... so, I hopped on a plane, went to see her and her family and although it was absolute chaos with two littles... it really was the best! For the first time, I really wanted children. As we were walking around town I saw a little pair of navy blue shoes. I bought them, had them gift wrapped and hoped that one day they would come in handy.

A few years later, my husband and I relocated back to the States... to Cincinnati. After just settling into our new home... I took a positive pregnancy test. It was my husband's birthday. Heart pounding, I ran upstairs to grab the already wrapped up box (if you know me... surprises are so hard to keep because I get so excited- good thing it was wrapped). He opened the shoes and quickly came to the realization that, being too small for his feet, they were intended for his mini self. Nine months later, we welcomed our first child, Nicholas.

That year sped by so quickly. So quickly, I barely have any images of me expecting and those are all taken by me on my iPhone. What a missed opportunity to document something that only happened twice, and will only have happened twice in my lifetime.

I love that expectant mothers are documenting this short time in their lives by having a maternity session, printing them to hang on their walls, or to keep in an album. I love creating these how I would have wanted to be photographed because I see myself in them in a unique way. Are you expecting? I look forward to meeting you soon!

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