• Megan Johnson

Creating A New Backdrop

Updated: Apr 25

I have long loved the layered backdrop look in fine art portraits. I've found so much inspiration from other photographers that I greatly admire... David Lee of Paparazzo Film, Sue Bryce and Jonny Edward to just name a few. The added texture it brings to a portrait really allows for the focus to draw into the subject. The color and texture allow for simplicity in canvas drops, always complimenting and never distracting from the subject. The three artists mentioned above do this with such intention and create the most beautiful portraits of people. The feel is so luxury, fine-art and city inspired. By far my favorite look. I decided to paint my own backdrop this time (thank you David for the encouragement and Sue for the video tutorials) and I love, LOVE how it turned out. I should also thank my husband for his patience while I take up the entire garage for these projects! See me painting here. My friend, Kate, had me take her portraits recently and I am really excited to show you how they turned out in front of this one. The final product reminds me of a white concrete wall. What's not to love about that? Would love your thoughts in the comments below as well! I'll be sure to tag this post when I put Kate's images up!

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