• Megan Johnson

Personal Life: Riding a Bike

If you have children, you may be familiar with the "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" series. Well, once your kiddos kick the training wheels... you get to experience a real life version of this. Our story goes a bit like this: Once our oldest child learned to ride his bike without training wheels, he wanted to go on a family bike ride. So, for Father's Day I decided to make this happen. I went online and ordered my husband and myself bicycles. After placing the order, I realized we wouldn't be able to fit them into my car, especially with kids' bikes in tow. So I visited REI and ordered

a bike rack. During the ordering process I also discovered I did not have a hitch to attach said bike rack to. Then an appointment was made with UHaul for a hitch. Because of COVID there has been a massive demand for all outdoor activities... including everything I ordered... delays. My bike arrived, only to have my husband's bike delayed. I got mine assembled at a local shop (Garage OTR- fantastic by the way). The rack arrived about two weeks later. The hitch was on back order... for 3 more weeks. When it finally arrived, we made the appointment to get it set and I could ride with my boys. Husband's bike order was cancelled due to another 6 week delay. Yesterday, we finally went to buy a bike for my husband, which they had in stock and already assembled. In the afternoon we finally made it on our first family bike ride! The 45 minute ride was the best! I cannot wait to do this again and am so looking for riding the trails and stopping off at little places! Any favorite stops for your family?

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