• Megan Johnson

Thank you, VoyageOhio

Updated: Apr 25

VoyageOhio is part of an LA based group that features local businesses. They take recommendations from artists they interview and really recognize the small businesses, artists, mom-and-pop shops, and other little hidden gems in each area. They have so graciously created a platform for all to use and learn about these little places and people in different cities... ours to be Cincinnati. I am not sure who recommended me, but an honor to be featured and recognized by this group, for sure. To who it was that recommended me to VoyageOhio, thank you so much. As a photographer, I know there are so many talented artists in Cincinnati and to be recognized among them and to have the opportunity to tell my story is such a privilege. Jessica Ramirez, I greatly appreciate your patience in getting all the information about my story out for all to read here at VoyageOhio Magazine. So grateful to be a local feature! I have recommended Paul Kroner of Studio Kroner, as I believe his talents are not only amazing but he is as a person, also shedding light on artists and bringing them to Cincinnati to be recognized! Thank you again, Jessica and Paul. You make Cincinnati a fun place to be an artist!

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