• Megan Johnson

What brings me joy in my photography journey:

A little Cambodian boy inspired me nearly a decade ago to take portraits of people. The moment I took his portrait, I knew that I wanted to capture people, individually and with their families. What I didn't realize is how therapeutic it would be for my subjects and myself.

What I have found, is to truly capture someone at their best, you have to really understand what they love about themselves and to capture that. That also means I have to understand what people don't favor about themselves... and for someone to talk about such an insecurity is asking someone to be very vulnerable. It amazes me how trusting and vulnerable people have been with me; women especially open up and really reveal emotional hardships that I sometimes cannot imagine. But what I have also found, is that when people do open up and really pour out their emotions to me, the more I capture them in the way they find most beautiful.

When I reveal images to people for the first time, the best compliments are, "I can't believe that I am really that gorgeous!" or "OMG! That's me??? I look like THAT?!" or "Oh, wow, I wish I saw myself like this." Or parents calling me telling me their daughters have had more confidence in the past week than they did all last year... The fact that I have changed the way women look at themselves is by far the most rewarding part of my job... something I never expected but am so thankful for.

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